Monday, August 19, 2013

Red, white and pink

For the Saturday of the convention, I decided to wear pink on pink with a dash of red, white and gold. I grew up during the Pink Box era of Barbie so, while not all or maybe even most of Barbie's outfits were pink, it was the colour most associated with her, so it seemed appropriate to wear pink over the weekend. Plus, it's my favourite colour.

Accesory details, including the only sweater clips I own and my vintage valentine brooch.

Some of the competition entries for the day. This category was vintage Barbie  - I voted for the Barbie in the electric blue coat. My little Fluff doll in her green dress is just next to her. She didn't win but I did win one of the raffles!

And here is what I won! A repro Barbie in a custom made outfit by one of the women in the club, inspired by this vintage Barbie outfit. She is so lovely and I'm so chuffed that I won her. I'll have to find a nice place to display her.

I was attracted by her red hair and the paisley fabric.

The jacket is even lined! The detail is just gorgeous, really.

Hopefully you aren't all getting sick of reading about dolls because there is one more convention post to go! (But there will be a pure outfit post in between this one and the next post with dolls).


  1. You look awesome in pink! I also love the outfit on the barbie you won.

  2. I had rather a lot of Barbies as a child (only), one of my favourites being Growing a knowledgeable Barbie enthusiast, have you heard of her? Everyone I ever mention her to thinks I'm dreaming. When you rotated her arm, her torso popped up and little boobs popped out.....I also had the first African American Barbie and Kelly, the red head....sadly, they were given away to younger children as I grew up. I swear I am not shitting about Growing Skipper!

    1. Oh, of course! She's pretty funny. I have her but, sadly, she has no hair at the moment but she still grows! ;) I think she scandalised parents at the time. Oh, Kelley is gorgeous and can be super hard to find. A lot of mine were given away, too, sadly.


  4. I love your outfit! The doll you won is super pretty too :)

  5. Fabulously cute, wonderfully sweet outfit! You have me yearning for a pair of pink pants of my own something fierce, dear Andi.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. ~ WOW! ~ looks like a really fun show...& what a great score for your win!!
    I must ask: Did you see any "Earring Magic Ken" dolls there...?

    I don't even collect Barbies, or dolls, but I happened across him in an antiques sale ( ?!) last summer and bought could I not...

  7. What a great prize and you look so beautiful in pink!

    (I love that orange coat and hat one Barbie is wearing)


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