Friday, September 27, 2013

Doll Spotlight: Havoc

For my second Doll Spotlight, I want to move away from my Barbie family and introduce you all to Havoc!

Before I tell you the story of Havoc, herself, I shall tell you the story of how we met. I was at the Antique Market on Grote Street, here, and I saw a shoe-box with a little doll sitting among a bunch of other bits and pieces. Her face looked familiar to me and I realised it was because she reminded me of a Mary Quant Daisy doll. I was curious about her and loved her on the spot but as the box was $40, and I was a bit short on cash, I decided to do a quick google and eBay search before I bought her. When I did, I found out her name is Havoc and she's quite difficult to find. (And she is, indeed, made from the same mould as the Mary Quant Daisy doll). This started to sway me but I still felt guilty for dropping $40 on her - after walking around the rest of the shop with the box tucked under my arm, I decided I couldn't leave without her and handed over the cash. Then I realised I wouldn't be eating but, it turns out, she was more than worth it.*

Havoc lot

When I got home I did a more intensive google search to sort out which bits in the box belonged to Havoc and which belonged to the Action Man that was also in the box. It turns out I have nearly two complete outfits, her original jumpsuit, her original stand and she has really soft, silky hair compared to some I've seen online. If anyone is interested in her, or similar dolls, I will say that she often comes with melt marks as you can see in the picture below. This is caused by a reaction in the types of vinyl/plastic used on the doll over the years. Her accessories also 'melt' together and so they aren't in pristine condition but they display nicely. I don't know the science behind the melting but it tends to be when softer plastic items are stored against harder ones for a number of years, which is why you sometimes see it around the hip or leg joints as there are two kinds of plastic constantly against each other. I was careful enough to pull the accessories apart without any damage and she has full movement in her legs.

You can read a bit more about Havoc at this site here and, now, some more photos of Havoc on her jungle mission!

Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun & games!

Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun & games!

As much as I love my very prettily dressed dolls, it's so much fun to have an adventure doll!

Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun & games!

Wow! This was a wordy post. I hope you all like the extra information but you can always just look at the pictures, instead. I wanted to have some snow-scene photos done before this post but never got around to them.

*I would just like to note that I am not fussed with resale value or anything like that when I collect - loving the dolls I have is more important to me than their monetary worth. But I also love knowing that I got a bargain and always have. It gives me a bit of a thrill!


  1. Oh she is so cute I don't blame you for getting her. I just love her bobbed hair and the jungle mission pictures you took of her. I hadn't heard of Havoc before - you learn something new everyday! x

  2. That is one kick-ass doll. Love the jungle photos.

  3. What a cool, adventurous girl! I don't believe I've heard of Havoc before, thank you very much for the introduction.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Amazing bargain Gal! She is pristine! XXxx

  5. I love this doll. She is so cute. And what I like about her is her short hair. It is quite unusual for a doll for have short hair, right?

    1. Thank-you! :) I guess now it is a bit but in the 60s it wasn't - Tammy, Bubblecut Barbie, Hair Fair Barbie, Sindy and lots of other had short hair then :)


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