Friday, September 6, 2013

Instagram Round-up August

Wow! This week really got away with me and I didn't end up with any time for blogging. Eep. But I'm really glad that some of you enjoyed my Doll Spotlight! My doll collection has become a fairly significant part of my life so being able to share it is a lot of fun.

As another Feature Friday, I thought I would post an Instagram roundup the first Friday of each month, of photos from the previous month. For a while I thought that these were redundant until someone pointed out that not everyone has Instagram and even those who do, and follow me, may not see all the photos I post. So, each month I'll post the photos I liked best from my Instagram account (more or less) from the previous month.

L: At the cinema; R: the outfit I wore.
L: mod-esque dress; R: vintage Batman badge.

L: yum!; R: '70s interior.
L: Robots; R: badge from etsy.
L: Beauty School Dropout & Beautiful Blonde Pineapple; R: pink on pink.
L: heart mirror photo; R: four Tammys.

And if you do have instagram you can find me there @andibgoode.


  1. You are just too cute in that navy blue dress with the white collar. Well you're too cute in everything - but especially that dress.

  2. Cute, I think I had some Tammys when I was a kid but they were not new in box so I did not know that is what they were called. I also had a Darcy Doll you could flip her scalp around to make her either Blond or Brunette.

  3. It's such a blast to follow you on Instagram! I swear, every time I see a doll snap, I smile, because I know there's a 99% chance it's from you, as you're the only fellow doll fan I seem to be following there. I love it when people recap the highlights of their month and/or fave photos from Instagram on their blogs. Perhaps I should follow your lead and start doing this, too (maybe starting in the New Year?).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I loooovvved Stoker (and your outfit). What did you think of the movie? I was so glad that Park Chan-Wok was still able to hold onto his style and make a movie out of his native country. There have been so many directors who haven't been able to do the same.


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