Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vintage fabric finds

Wow, I was going pretty well with blogging regularly for a couple of weeks but I've been so stressed about getting my thesis up to date that I've not been able to think of anything to blog about. Spending most days in front of my laptop in my trackpants isn't particularly inspiring! So, this is really just to apologise for not being around much and also to show off some vintage fabric I found a few weeks ago (via some Instagram shots...) Oh, while I'm apologising I should add in one for not commenting on other blogs much, lately.

I love that this still has tags/stickers on it! It's really neat seeing the John Martin's logo so long after it's closed. I still miss that department store, sometimes. And the quality seal is quite lovely!

And this blue is so lovely! The print is small enough that I will probably be able to make a matching dress for one of my dolls. Ha.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to make with these (or have my mum make with these...) but they're both very lovely fabrics. Being a bit of a perfectionist I'm always worried I'll choose the 'wrong' project and regret it later and so I end up with a lot of unused fabric. I'm determined not to let that happen this time!

And I do have an idea for this week's Feature Friday post, which will hopefully be somewhat interesting!


  1. Great finds and I look forward to seeing what you (and your mum) make with these.

    Hope your thesis is going okay.

  2. Gorgeous. I especially love the blue one.

  3. Ahh, my favorite, vintage fabric!! However you decide to use it will look fabulous, I'm sure. :]
    ♡ Dulce

  4. Pssst Andi, I just read that Savers (secondhand 'recycle superstore' in VIC) are opening in Modbury, SA. I've scored some fab vintage (clothing, collectibles, toys etc) from our Melbourne stores and great bargains on their 50% off clothing days :D

  5. Lovely Andi! Can I ask where you found it? (so nosey hehe)

    1. Thanks! I found them in a shop here at Glenelg :D


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