Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yesterday's clothes...

Some days, I feel like I've forgotten how to start a blog post! Today is one of those days. It's also clearly another day I've had trouble coming up with a post title. Anyway, one of my goals for this blog is to start taking better photos - I didn't achieve that with this post but at least I remembered to take some photos of the outfit I wore yesterday.

I wore this to the city to see my thesis supervisor and do a tiny bit of shopping.

I'm incredibly impressed with the Australis Velourlips - I wish I'd bought more! It goes on so easily and dries in a really lovely matte. It lasts pretty well, too.

Another mirror shot, but this time in my room. You can just see a couple of the art prints I have on my walls, including the fantastic Vincent Price's Party from Ghosts Waltz (aka Danielle of Ahoy Miss). It's one of my absolute favourites!

I picked this skirt up at an op-shop - I love skirts like this! I'm always looking out for more. Now, if only it had pockets... 

I popped into Typo to pick up a diary for next year (I like to be prepared) but, of course, I didn't leave with just that. I also bought this adorable ceramic fox pen-holder. He's on my bedside table, at present.

On my way to the bus stop, I stopped at Goodwill and found this jacket! I couldn't leave without it. It looks something that would've been worn to the beach, but it doesn't feel like the right kind of fabric. They also had a Sun Valley Ken, but they hadn't settled on a price and I knew, once they did, they would likely overcharge so I just left him there. I might call later, though, to see if they've thought of a price. I'm looking forward to wearing this jacket - hopefully we get a cooler day before the heat settles in, so I can.


  1. Aww, that fox is so charmingly sweet. I love its gentle features and puppy dog eyes. Wonderful find!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. that ceramic fox is so adorable!

  3. Great finds! The little fox is so cute and I love skirts like the one you're wearing too. So comfy and stylish.


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