Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Flames - flames on the side of my face

On the Sunday of Supanova, I finally crossed off a costume that's been on my list for quite a few years: Mrs White from one of my all-time favourite movies, Clue. I'm really happy with how it turned out, except for the wig I bought. I'd probably get a slightly better one if I wear it again. Two people recognised who I was, before I got changed (strapless bras are so dang uncomfortable!), so I considered that a win.

The skirt and belt are just made from black satin and the top and arm warmers are made from the fabric of a top I found at Savers. When studying the film, I realised Mrs White's top & arm warmers were made from a fabric with metallic thread or something sparkly in it, and I thought I wouldn't find anything similar...then I found the perfect fabric in an old top! Hurrah! I think Mrs White's is actually a velvet or heavier fabric but mine was close enough. I couldn't find a three strand pearl necklace so just used a long singled strand wrapped around; the bracelet was one I had already.

As with my other costumes, I've included screencaps for those who've not seen the film (which I think is a lot more people than I'd realised, ha.)

Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm a Lumberjane and I'm OK.

For the Saturday of Supanova I went as Rosie from the comic series Lumberjanes. It's one of my favourite series, right now as it combines a lot of things that I love: girls being awesome friends, pop culture references, mythology, forest-y aesthetics and a bunch of other cool stuff. I thought Rosie would be a fairly easy costume to put together and, aside from colour matching difficulties, it was.

Everything was found either new or at op-shops, except for the axe which my sister carved for me and I painted. (Rosie is often making axes or seen with an axe so I thought it was a neat adition). I stuck some paper behind the lenses of some costume glasses I had for pictures but used my regular glasses while walking around the con. The tattoos were drawn by me and printed out onto temporary tattoo paper.

As my hair has to abide by the laws of physics I did my best at approximating Rosie's hair - I used a rat to roll up the front & the back was just in a bun.

At the bottom is a photo of my friend in the Lumberjane scout uniform - only a small number of people got the costumes but one happened to be the creator of Teen Dog (another awesome comic) who knows the creators of Lumberjanes. He was really impressed so that made our day.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I am not a number, I am a free man!

It's Supanova time this weekend which means costumes! Hurrah! I got a bit over eager and ended up with three. I was going to go to the opening night to get my wristband but ended up deciding not to. This left me with an extra costume. Sure, I could have worn it to another con but I was excited so I put it on and had an impromptu mini 'photoshoot' with mum. Consider it a teaser for the weekend ahead.

The costume in question is a lady version of Number Six from the '60s TV show The Prisoner (some screencaps below show the original costume as worn by Patrick McGoohan). It's a very simple but recognisable (if you've seen the show) costume, which is always nice.

Now, the blazer worn in the show is, according to those who know better than I, dark brown, but onscreen it looks very much black. (I did have a link that showed the original blazer looking brown but I can't find it now - update: found it!). Black blazers are easier to find so I went with black. I was going to wear slacks but felt uncomfortable so I made a skirt out of some fabric I already had. Everything else was found at op-shops (except the number badge, which I just printed out). All up the costume only cost me $11.30! (Which I know thanks to the awesome Cosplanner app).

For hair and makeup I just went with a vaguely 60s feel. It all came together quite nicely. And I now have an easy costume I can take with me, if I ever go to another interstate con. One day, I'd like to do some more photos inspired by the show.

Be seeing you!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Savers haul

Last week, Savers had a 50% off clothing sale, so I headed over there & bought myself a bunch of new to me clothes. Of course, I went looking for summer clothes and ended up with armfuls of winter threads.  Ah, such is the nature of op-shopping! I also went to Spotlight after and got two new patterns as they were 2 for $10. At the end you can see me sporting one of my Savers finds
(the leopard print blazer).

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big Instagram Roundup

I keep thinking I've nothing to blog about, then I check my Instagram and see I've been up to a lot. Just not blogging. So, here's a roundup from Instagram. One of the biggest things I did in the past month or so was be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends. (Photo above). And just below you can see my friend in her gorgeous dress (to which this photo does not do justice.) Descriptions of photos will be at the bottom of the post.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Must be the season of the witch

I had plans for October and this blog. I was going to do a spooky Watching, Reading, Listening round up. There were going to be lots of costumes to wear and movies to watch. I was going to do many things. Alas, they did not happen. So, Happy Halloween from my dolls and me!

(The top two are my Blythe Prima Dolly Amaryllis whose name is Egon Slimer, wearing a home made outfit and the bottom is a vintage Emerald Witch doll in her original outfit).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leave us alone! (Being a Midwich Cuckoo)

Sadly, this Halloween I've nowhere to go wear I can get all dressed up! But, as I'd already planned a costume, hoping against hope I'd have a party to go to, I decided to just put it on and take some photos. I haven't done that in forever!

I'd just recently watched the original The Village of the Damned and realised the children make for a very easy costume (could also be from the remake, as the children are similarly dressed). The only thing I bought was the wig (which is too short - I had another coming but it didn't make it in time). It's a simple but effective costume. I'm super happy with how it came together, especially in the top photo. Hopefully next Halloween I'll have a party (or somewhere I can wear a costume) to attend.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Costumes of Halloween Past

As it's coming up to the most wonderful time of year - Halloween - I thought I'd take a little look at some of my costumes from years past. There aren't many as I just haven't done a whole lot of Halloween costumes, but I thought it would be fun, anyway.

Last year I was Abaddon from Supernatural. I won't be wearing this again (for numerous reasons, including it's not screen accurate and I can't handle it) but I'm still happy with how it turned out (mostly - ha). And I think I did fairly well with the hair considering how frustrated I was with it along the way.
In 2012 I made a pumpkin inspired get-up for a swing dancing event.
I guess I didn't do anything in 2011 but in 2010 I made a half-hearted, last minute attempt at being a stereotypical Beatnik.
And 2009 was still my best, I think - The Black Dahlia aka Elizabeth Short. I'm still so proud of this costume, put together from op-shop finds and my first attempt at 'effects' make up. 

You can see more of my costumes on this Pinterest Board.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

All the world seems in tune, on a Spring afternoon

Don't worry - I didn't poison any pigeons! (I hope some of you listen to Tom Lehrer, ha). Came close to sharing my lunch with a couple that were hopping about my table in a food court, though.

This outfit features the dress that I posted a close-up of in my last post. Very pretty print! My neighbours' blossom matched my outfit quite fortuitously. And you can almost see my Populaire inspired nails - I feel like they go with nearly any outfit, despite the clashing colours.