Monday, February 17, 2014

Selling Some Vintage Repro Dresses

I don't want my blog to become all 'sell, sell, sell!' but I do have some vintage repro dresses I'd like to part with, and I thought I would try to sell them here before I turn elsewhere. Dresses will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, but if a deal falls through I will go to whoever wanted it next. (This has been cross-posted to my Tumblr.)

I would like $55AU for each of these dresses - shipping within Australia will be $7AU for one dress. As per Paypal's policies, I will need to ship overseas with tracking, which is a lot more expensive than regular airmail. (It's approximately $20AU to most countries, a little less to closer countries like New Zealand).

All dresses have only been worn once or twice and are in very good to excellent condition. For length reference, I am 5'3 but wearing heels in all of these photos.

Heyday! Mary dress, in a retired fabric. Size 14, which according to the HD charts fits 38", 32", 42". SOLD

Peta Pledger Angelique dress. Being sold without belt. Size 12, which according to the PP chart fits 38", 30.5", 40.5".

Heyday! Fleur Wrap dress. Size 14, which according to the HD charts fits 38", 32", 42". SOLD

ReVamp Vintage Daisy dress (in a different fabric). Size M, which according to the RV chart fits 37", 29", 39". I bought this secondhand but it was like new. SOLD

Vivien of Holloway Dress 
Vivien of Holloway 1940s dress. Size 14, which according to the VoH size chart fits 36", 28", 40". Fit me as seen when I was 36", 28", 37", fit quite snuggly at 38", 30", 40". 

If you need any more information or photos, please let me know, and if anything is unclear just ask. Payment will be made via PayPal (goods & services) once we have figured out the total price. If you want more than one dress, postage will most likely go up, even in Australia, so just let me know.

For any information, it will be best to email me at but you can comment here to let me know you've emailed. I promise I shan't be posting too many more 'here, buy my things!' posts in the future, but there's no point for these beautiful dresses to be hanging unworn in my wardrobe any longer!


  1. I *adore* the bottom two...would you consider posting to London?

    1. Yeah, for sure! :) like I said international shipping is crazy expensive. For those 2 dresses tracked to the UK it's $45AU shipping. The tracking is only because if it goes missing Paypal policies say that I'm liable (kind of - more or less). Without tracking it's not actually much less, anyway. If you're interested it'd be $155AU total which would be roughly 83 pounds (but PayPal conversion always ends up being a bit more, I think). If you are still interested, just shoot me an email at Thanks! :)

  2. What a beautiful selection of dresses! It's a shame you're parting with them, but if you don't wear them then I understand sending them on to someone new. Good luck with the sale! P x

  3. These are all such classic, immensely lovely frocks. I suspect the remaining gems will go quickly - who wouldn't want to add one of them to their wardrobe if the measurements jive?

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love the black Heyday dress with daisies! Some beautiful dresses there - I feel I may need to have a little clear out soon enough too!


  5. These dresses are all beautiful! If I were you I don't think I could part with them!


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