Monday, April 14, 2014

Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?

Remember how I mentioned how good the current Australian production of The Rocky Horror Show is? Well, I saw it a second time the Saturday after I saw it with Miss Fairchild (also the Saturday of Oz Comic Con, so that was an exhausting day). The second time around, I went for a Brad Majors inspired outfit.

Forgive the mirror shot but it's the only one I got of me in my glasses (which I do need for things like the cinema or the theatre) - you can also see my ring which is not dissimilar to Brad's (seen below). I'll admit, that detail was entirely unintentional! Just a funny little coincidence (an accident!), though I did think the ring was very 'Rocky Horror'.
Oh, Brad!
A full length shot to show off the tights and shoes I wore. Of course, I had to wear my platforms to Rocky Horror!
As a sidenote, the actor playing Brad in the current production is a little bit cute. Ha. Oh, heck, the entire cast is gorgeous. (And talented).
And just so you can see my suspender skirt properly. I actually bought this for a potential future costume, but it's a cute skirt so it's currently just in my non-costume wardrobe.

Oh, gosh, writing this post makes me want to go again. Sigh. (I know, I'm a greedy little thing, aren't I? Twice just isn't enough with a production this good!)


  1. Such a great outfit idea, and it looks fantastic!

  2. Oh my god! I LOVE THIS! It's such a brilliant take on his outfit! It's too adorable and fantastic for words!


  3. Seriously cool!!! (And may I just add, I flat out love this pairing of dark, deep red tights with black ankle strap shoes, I so need to rock that combo myself next fall.)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Very cute! I love the gender swap Brad look. That skirt is also awesome. I love Rocky Horror, I wish they would do a production close to me. I used to go an see it every Halloween when I was at uni, but they don't do that in my hometown.

  5. I ADORE THIS SO MUCH! Rocky Horror Is amazing and so is this version of Brad's outfit. Wow, I am blown away but just how pure sweet this is. Ah!!

  6. You look amazing! How funny that the ring was an accidental addition to your outfit, when it's such a close match with Brad's.


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