Friday, May 30, 2014

Etsy update!

I had a different post planned for today but then I updated my etsy store (finally). Huzzah! As these were all pieces from my own collection, I figured this post is a little of a memory lane (or flashback Friday) trip as well as saying 'hey, I updated my etsy store!'

A beautiful 1930s feedsack playsuit set with skirt. This was a very special purchase for me and I still think it's lovely, but it's time for it to have a new home!

A 1930s crepe rayon dress, which I purchased from a favourite local store that is no longer around.

Gosh, the pattern on this dress is gorgeous. I wore it to see the Buddy Holly musical as well as to my cousin's wedding. This one was also purchased from a local store, during a break when I was studying art.

I need more sheer blouses but this one doesn't fit anymore, unfortunately.

And another playsuit set! So cute. But also too small for me, now, and I'd rather it be worn than languish in my cupboard.

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