Saturday, June 14, 2014

The wide eyed world of Blythe...again.

I've been pretty unwell the past few days (well, I've had a cold, and I am the biggest sook ever when I have a cold) but I thought I'd do a post, today, anyway. So, here is an update on my Blythe collection. You've already met some of my Blythe family in this last post (which was over a year ago!!!) so here are a few of my new girls...

Warhol. I think her namesake should be pretty obvious! I love her big fluffy pigtails and little blazer. I usually like to redress my Blythes immediately but this little outfit is really cute (she has white and brown oxfords on!) so I didn't need to with Warhol.

Lula Marin. I knew I wanted a nautical name for her and, when I think 'sailor', I think of Wild at Heart. Lula Sailor sounded a little off to me, so I looked for 'sailor' in another language and then her name was Lula Marin!

Tilly. I initially called this girl Blossom but it just didn't seem right to me. In her pinafore dress, a cute old-fashioned name seemed more appropriate. She's my only translucent girl - translucent refers to the type of plastic used for her face. She has a really lovely, creamy complexion.

L-R: Lula Marin, Tilly, Beau, Trillian, Spencer, Charlie, Dylan and Warhol. I want to get some more wintery outfits and maybe dress them all in cute little '60s mod dresses! Mod style seems to really suit Blythe.

And here a couple of nicer photos of the girls you already met

Charlie. I didn't have a nice photo of Charlie by herself, last time, so here's one now.

Dylan wearing a vintage Skipper dress. I think Dylan is my favourite. I just love taking photos of her.

You can see more photos here and the sets of each of my girls here. I haven't posted about any of my Barbie finds on this blog, lately, either. Or any finds at all, really. It's just so much easier to post it straight to Instagram! So, that's probably the best place to see what's going on with me, right now. (Or tumblr and sometimes twitter).

Also I've just noticed the compression on these photos is really bad so I apologise for that. I might upload them elsewhere and swap them out for nicer quality images.


  1. Gorgeous girls! :D I love your styling of Warhol and Lula Marin is gorgeous all together!

  2. I absolutely love them all and the outfits are amazing! :)

    1. Thank-you! :D I wish some came in human size haha

  3. So cute, The first 3 in that line up photo are probably my faves. I've always wanted one of these dolls

    1. Thank-you! :D Funnily enough, I like my natural haired girls better than the fantasy ones but, well, I love them all. You should definitely get one haha

  4. Oh I love Tilly and Charlie! Such beautiful dolls x

  5. They're adorable. I love your doll posts., they are so much fun.


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