Monday, July 21, 2014

Watching, Reading, Listening (Three)

I was going to post the second part of my room tour, but then I realised it was time for another Watching, Reading, Listening post!


My biggest TV obsession this past month was In the Flesh. I've watched it twice through, already, and I'm desperate for more. It's thoroughly beautiful and both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Yes, it's about zombies (Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferers) but it's also quite political, in the big picture of the show, as well as being about prejudice, grief, family, community, friendship and, well, the human condition, I guess?

It's top quality writing with beautifully realised characters, a gorgeous soundtrack, etc. So of course a third series is not (yet, I hope) confirmed. Always seems to be the way with quality television, sadly. Of the genre variety, at least. You can check out my In the Flesh tag on tumblr (there are spoilers, obviously) for more of an idea, if you like. (If you don't want spoilers, definitely take a look at this post at least).

Other than that I watched the From Dusk Till Dawn series and re-watched Haven. I need a new show to sink my teeth into but I can be so picky!


I've only been to the cinema once this past month, I think, and that was to see Jersey Boys. (Above is a photo of what I wore to see it.) I found it bloated and slow, but it was enjoyable enough, especially once the songs actually started with frequency. I've seen a production of the stage show, too, so I was comparing it to that no matter how hard I tried not to.


I haven't really been reading anything, lately. Embarrassing! Perhaps this next month I'll collect some links of what I've been reading online as well as books/comics - would anyone be interested in that? It would, at least, fill any voids in those months I've not been able to read any books.

Here are a couple of links I do remember reading:
"I Want to Talk About the Dresses": C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength at The Toast (I've actually only read the first book in this series but I still loved this article)
Best Feminist Films: An Essential List at Flavorwire (I've not really seen many of these! Must get on that.)


I'd say I've mostly listened to The Raveonettes and Helen Love this past month. I can't believe I'd never heard of Helen Love before. So suited to my tastes.

Anyone else 'discovered' any new music or TV they're digging, lately?


  1. My latest TV find (via Netflix) was the political drama series Boss staring Kelsey Grammer from Cheers and Fraser. It's akin to House of Cards (which I adore) in some ways, but is its own stand alone show all the same, and in fact, it predated HOC, so it may have been that series who took some of their cues from Boss. Unfortunately, it only ran for a couple of seasons, but they're both great and well worth checking out if these kinds of shows tickle your fancy.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I've heard House of Cards is very good, but yeah, I'm not usually into political drama. I shall definitely keep it in mind, though! Thank-you :)


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