Monday, August 4, 2014

Art art art

A Wacom tablet has been on my wishlist for ages, now, but I've always put off getting one, thinking it'd be too difficult for me to control. (I briefly tried one at art school & didn't like it at the time). Well, I finally took the plunge and got a small one, and it's actually inspired me to finish some drawings that have been sitting in my sketchbook for ages. I've been fairly happy with what I've produced so far, too.

Starr Bright (buy prints here)

Hairsprayin' (buy prints here)

That's Just an Alibi (buy prints here)

If you want to stay updated with my art stuff, there are a few things you can do. You can follow me on Tumblr, but have to put up with lots of other things including random personal posts and much fangirling. You can follow me on Pinterest (or just my art board). Or you can just follow my Society6 store.

Hopefully I keep producing at a regular-ish rate. I do have years of sketchbooks gathering dusts I can turn to for inspiration, at least!


  1. Wowowowow! LOOOVe that Hairsprayin' one. Hopefully I'll look that fierce if I'm able to dye my hair pink ;)


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