Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Button up shirts and short skirts

Well, well, look who decided to blog! Anyway, I was so in love with the outfit from this post that I decided I needed more short skirts and button up shirts. So, I went out to look for some. Unfortunately, cute blouses are in abundance but not so cute skirts. I managed to find the two below at Savers and then have them taken up.

Oh, by the way! My hair is red now. It's faded quite a bit but I really like the faded colour. 

Included this photo so you can see the print on my blouse - little colourful sunglasses! So cute.

This is my favourite of the two outfits. I'm such a sucker for yellow and black! I feel like a bee. Or Batman.

I'm definitely going to hunt down some more tighter fitted mini skirts, now. I like having a go-to combination of items as much as I like experimenting and trying out something different.


  1. I too am a TOTAL sucker for black & yellow for the same two, exact reasons!!! I love both looks on you!


    1. They're just so great together! And thank-you :D x

  2. Adore both blouses!!! You're really lucky that cute ones are so easy to come by where you live. Most blouses around these parts in the last couple of years have been more of a causal/tunic/loose cut style, often with little to no structure and rarely a pattern (and thrift stores aren't offering much on that front lately either). There's always online of course (thankfully!), but it is nice to try things, especially when buying new garments (which tend to be harder to fit right, I find, than most vintage).

    I hope you're having a great August, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank-you! :) Oh, that's a pity. Yes, I don't find a lot at thrift stores here, to be honest. And I agree! Most of my blouses don't fit that well because they're modern. Ah well!

      And thank-you :D x

  3. Fab look!


  4. These outfits are awsome. I like sun glasses blouse print. Buttoned up all the way is perfect.
    Many thanks,

  5. That pink mini is adorable! It really suits you :)

  6. love both of the outfits! The latter particularly looks like you should be at a poetry slam.

  7. Oh My, I love those saddle shoe oxfords on you.


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