Friday, October 31, 2014

Must be the season of the witch

I had plans for October and this blog. I was going to do a spooky Watching, Reading, Listening round up. There were going to be lots of costumes to wear and movies to watch. I was going to do many things. Alas, they did not happen. So, Happy Halloween from my dolls and me!

(The top two are my Blythe Prima Dolly Amaryllis whose name is Egon Slimer, wearing a home made outfit and the bottom is a vintage Emerald Witch doll in her original outfit).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leave us alone! (Being a Midwich Cuckoo)

Sadly, this Halloween I've nowhere to go wear I can get all dressed up! But, as I'd already planned a costume, hoping against hope I'd have a party to go to, I decided to just put it on and take some photos. I haven't done that in forever!

I'd just recently watched the original The Village of the Damned and realised the children make for a very easy costume (could also be from the remake, as the children are similarly dressed). The only thing I bought was the wig (which is too short - I had another coming but it didn't make it in time). It's a simple but effective costume. I'm super happy with how it came together, especially in the top photo. Hopefully next Halloween I'll have a party (or somewhere I can wear a costume) to attend.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Costumes of Halloween Past

As it's coming up to the most wonderful time of year - Halloween - I thought I'd take a little look at some of my costumes from years past. There aren't many as I just haven't done a whole lot of Halloween costumes, but I thought it would be fun, anyway.

Last year I was Abaddon from Supernatural. I won't be wearing this again (for numerous reasons, including it's not screen accurate and I can't handle it) but I'm still happy with how it turned out (mostly - ha). And I think I did fairly well with the hair considering how frustrated I was with it along the way.
In 2012 I made a pumpkin inspired get-up for a swing dancing event.
I guess I didn't do anything in 2011 but in 2010 I made a half-hearted, last minute attempt at being a stereotypical Beatnik.
And 2009 was still my best, I think - The Black Dahlia aka Elizabeth Short. I'm still so proud of this costume, put together from op-shop finds and my first attempt at 'effects' make up. 

You can see more of my costumes on this Pinterest Board.