Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big Instagram Roundup

I keep thinking I've nothing to blog about, then I check my Instagram and see I've been up to a lot. Just not blogging. So, here's a roundup from Instagram. One of the biggest things I did in the past month or so was be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends. (Photo above). And just below you can see my friend in her gorgeous dress (to which this photo does not do justice.) Descriptions of photos will be at the bottom of the post.

Starting from the very top:
Bridesmaid mirror selfie.
The lovely bride.
Hahndorf and Adelaide Library.
I watched some movies.
My Blythes appeared in Cute Club Zine.
I wore my Twin Peaks brooch in honour of the new series announcement.
Bought some cute, kitschy clutches.
Got some dream girls.
Went to a Blythe meet & met this gorgeous Blythe.
Started wearing my hair up in preparation for warmer weather.
Started a new dress, for me, and then had a soda at Two-Bit Villains.
Bought some cute, vintage goodies at Savers.
Wrote a piece on the 1992 Buffy movie for Filmme Fatales.
Bought some 1990s McDonald's Happy Meal Barbies.
Started reading some amazing comics; putting together a cosplay for Supanova.
And finally made my dead Laura Palmer doll.


  1. Busy bee :-) You and your friend looks gorgeous and I love the sound of your article. I remember liking the Buffy movie as it was different to anything I'd seen before, plus it was my introduction to all things Joss Whedon x

  2. What a fun filled, exciting time you've been having lately. Congrats on having your darling Blythes appear in that Zine! Love (!!!) your dead Laura Palmer doll. She's soooo cool!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank-you, dear :D I always appreciate your comments! x

  3. i was just about to say, 'you got a goldie??? jealous!' she's beautiful, isnt she

  4. I love these photos! I haven't known you use instagram. :D

  5. What a beautiful dress the blue one!! love it!!


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