Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Flames - flames on the side of my face

On the Sunday of Supanova, I finally crossed off a costume that's been on my list for quite a few years: Mrs White from one of my all-time favourite movies, Clue. I'm really happy with how it turned out, except for the wig I bought. I'd probably get a slightly better one if I wear it again. Two people recognised who I was, before I got changed (strapless bras are so dang uncomfortable!), so I considered that a win.

The skirt and belt are just made from black satin and the top and arm warmers are made from the fabric of a top I found at Savers. When studying the film, I realised Mrs White's top & arm warmers were made from a fabric with metallic thread or something sparkly in it, and I thought I wouldn't find anything similar...then I found the perfect fabric in an old top! Hurrah! I think Mrs White's is actually a velvet or heavier fabric but mine was close enough. I couldn't find a three strand pearl necklace so just used a long singled strand wrapped around; the bracelet was one I had already.

As with my other costumes, I've included screencaps for those who've not seen the film (which I think is a lot more people than I'd realised, ha.)


  1. Darling,
    You look amazing.
    Actually, I even forgot about the movie (now I must watch it again) :)


  2. Super cool costume!!! Clue is my second favourite board game ever (topped only by Scrabble). I adore that you dressed up as one of the characters from it. I might just have to follow your lead and do so one year for Halloween (in the ballroom...with the candlestick :D).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. PERFECT. God, I love Clue. now I want to watch it.

  4. You are AMAZING! Great job with this! And seriously, only TWO people!? I ADORE Clue, and have so many friends who do too! I thought everyone had seen it!


    1. Thank-you, Janey :D Yes, sadly - better than the zero people who seemed to recognise my Rachael (Blade Runner) costume. To be fair, other people may have got it & not said anything & I did take it off halfway through the day. But same!!! I have a lot of friends who love it so I'd thought that too haha anyway, thank-you :D x

  5. You look FANTASTIC!! I wanna go to Australia and cosplay with you, Andi ; v;

  6. I must confess I have never seen Clue. Obviously, that needs to change. You look great!


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