Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm a Lumberjane and I'm OK.

For the Saturday of Supanova I went as Rosie from the comic series Lumberjanes. It's one of my favourite series, right now as it combines a lot of things that I love: girls being awesome friends, pop culture references, mythology, forest-y aesthetics and a bunch of other cool stuff. I thought Rosie would be a fairly easy costume to put together and, aside from colour matching difficulties, it was.

Everything was found either new or at op-shops, except for the axe which my sister carved for me and I painted. (Rosie is often making axes or seen with an axe so I thought it was a neat adition). I stuck some paper behind the lenses of some costume glasses I had for pictures but used my regular glasses while walking around the con. The tattoos were drawn by me and printed out onto temporary tattoo paper.

As my hair has to abide by the laws of physics I did my best at approximating Rosie's hair - I used a rat to roll up the front & the back was just in a bun.

At the bottom is a photo of my friend in the Lumberjane scout uniform - only a small number of people got the costumes but one happened to be the creator of Teen Dog (another awesome comic) who knows the creators of Lumberjanes. He was really impressed so that made our day.


  1. Andi, you're so ridiculously adorable - what a great cosplay! The details are perfect! And you've made me want to check out Lumberjanes, so, I'm going to get on that...

  2. Eeee! This is so fantastic!!!! I love it. Half the time I have no idea what you cosplay as (because I don't know the show or whatever!), but always think you do such a brilliant job! I'm glad you managed to find boots in time too xx

  3. Andi, you are such an awesome Cosplayer! Each new costume you share with us knocks my socks off and then some.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Make sure you tweet the authors, they love stuff like this!

    1. Already did! (Well, just the lumberjanes twitter - I'm not actually using twitter anymore so couldn't be bothered finding them all).


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