About Me

What, ho, curious blog-readers! So you would like to know a little bit more about the girl behind the blog?

My name is Andrea but I generally go by Andi (B. Goode) online; I live near Adelaide, South Australia.

I studied visual art (majoring in photography) and art history; I collect dolls, play ukulele and watch too much TV. My favourite food is pizza and I love movies maybe more than anything. I especially love film noir, musicals, old sci-fi, '80s/'90s teen movies...OK, I just love movies. I also love all things kitsch and colourful, but I enjoy the macabre side of life, too.

This blog used to be a vintage (life)style blog but since my life has become less focussed on vintage, so has my blog. I still wear vintage but in a different way. Now you'll find posts on cosplay, my doll collecting and whatever I'm enjoying at the moment, as well as my outfits.

You can find me at various other places online:

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